Lancaster and Lititz Information

About the Lancaster, Lititz, Manheim Township and Mount Joy, Pennsylvania area.

— The Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce and Industry selected Lancaster as the "Outstanding Community of the Year" in 1994 out of all cities in the state.

— INC Magazine designated Lancaster as one of the top 25 cities in the nation for entrepreneurial development.

— Restaurants and Institutions ranked Lancaster as the fifth best place in the Mid-Atlantic Region to open a restaurant business. Lancaster has 159,650 households with a median income of $39,267 and the highest annual per-household spending on restaurants in the Mid-Atlantic Region at $1,811.

— U.S. News and World Report selected Lancaster County as a great place to live and one of seven "boomtowns" in its April 11, 1994, issue. The county was cited for its low crime rate, affordable housing, and for its commitment to a comprehensive plan that manages growth AND preserves farmland.

— Lancaster County was the tenth safest place in the United States in 1993 (based on the FBI Crime Report of two hundred and eighty metropolitan areas.)

— The county ranked sixth in the state in 1992 for expenditures by tourists, attracting almost $314 million. Agricultural rankings include: #1 in total farms in Pennsylvania, #1 in Pennsylvania of all agricultural production, #1 in Pennsylvania in number of farms with annual sales over $100,000; and #1 in the United States in agricultural production of non-irrigated counties.

— U.S. News and World Report, in 1995, selected Franklin and Marshall College as the twenty-ninth best liberal arts college in the nation, Elizabethtown College as the third best regional liberal arts college in the North, and Millersville University fourth in the nation for its quality compared to price.

Lititz and Lancaster Real Estate

Lititz and Lancaster are in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. The town of Lititz is eight miles north of Lancaster, and Lancaster is approximately 71 miles west of Philadelphia. The largest Lititz homes have six bedrooms, and the largest Lancaster homes have eight bedrooms. Those who are looking for smaller homes can buy two-bedroom condos in Lititz or one-bedroom condos in Lancaster. People interested in historic homes can buy houses in Lititz and Lancaster that were built in the 19th century. Those who are looking for houses with large yards will find some Lititz properties and Lancaster properties with more than four acres.